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We are TALi Health

We are on a mission to strengthen the attention of children globally, delivering lasting benefits to their quality of life.

TALi is an Australian innovative digital health medical device company dedicated to making evidence-based and personalised interventions accessible, convenient, and effective for children. Our team of scientists, clinicians, developers and customer focused individuals are also parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents.



ReadyAttentionGo is an innovative Australian medical device that is a digital therapeutic cognitive training program specifically designed to improve attention skills in children aged 3 – 10 years.

The product consists of an app (available on Android and iOS) where a child plays a series of digital games scientifically proven to improve attention skills, and a web portal where a healthcare provider can gain vital insights into selective, sustained and executive attention domains. The program runs for a recommended 5 weeks.

Investing in the future

Problem Solvers and Proven Digital Innovators

As a group of flexible, innovative thinkers, we are determined to solve the global unmet need of attention in young children.

Early childhood attention skills, as a component of executive function, are critical for the development of language, learning and peer relations. Executive function difficulties in childhood represent a developmental risk factor and are strongly associated with behaviours that can lead to issues with relationships, education and socialisation skills.

Therefore, through innovative technology, TALi is focussed on creating digital assessment and treatment tools for children with attention difficulties.

Clinical & Research

TALi Research and Development!

At TALi, our research and development activities are led by a team of clever scientists and clinicians. Our products are underpinned by robust evidence and a culture of continuous improvement.

Our People & Culture

Our board, leadership and more

TALi encourages a flat management structure. We don’t believe in hierarchies and squeezing who you can to get to the top. We all drive the same TALi bus to success.

TALi Timeline

Our values

One Team. One Mission

With an exceptional user and customer experience

We promise to drive decisive change to enhance cognitive care via digital solutions. Our group of design legends, creative masterminds, technology wizards, pioneering scientists, clinicians and marketing mavericks will deliver provocative thinking, transformative insights and tangible outcomes across the digital health experience ecosystem.

Evidence based

At our core is evidence-based science and medicine. We also hold true that the integration of patient values with the 'best' scientific and/or clinical evidence is an absolute. We will never lose sight of ensuring our scientific practices and discoveries, are value laden.

Outcome's focus

Creating a life changing business is not a simple endeavour. We tackle every challenge head on and never stop trying to succeed. We explore every angle and relinquish only when there is no other option. We are about outcomes for our people and all of our stakeholders.

Employee growth

As an organisation we value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance. While upholding the highest standards of integrity, honesty and transparency. Rather than choosing to sit back and be told what to do, we step up, take ownership and are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.

Quality at the core

Quality for us means maintaining rigorous standards for all of our work, no matter how big or small the project. We care deeply about our work, about providing excellent customer service, and we truly care about achieving results for users, customers and the communities that we serve.

A holistic approach to community

Our organisation is grounded in principles of empowerment, inclusion, access, social justice, self determination, do not harm and collective action. We believe the communities we serve to be experts in their lives. Thus, we strive to assist the development of those communities so as to deliver the most suitable digital health solutions.

Risk taking

We value risk-taking because of the positive experience of seeking a challenge and successfully mastering that challenge. We believe in the collective and take risks to develop a valued identity and then fiercely protect it.

Shared value

To deliver on our mission, it is important to consider all stakeholders as allies and partners. This means we think deeply about their world and understand where we align and support them. We focus on profits that create societal benefits rather than diminish them, and promote this as a core company objective.

We’re on a mission to strengthen the attention of children globally

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TALi DETECT was developed under the Cooperative Research Centres Program (CRC-P) from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.*
Official Google for Education Partner
Registered NDIS Provider: 4050030967
*Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) Grants provide funding for short-term research collaborations. It supports industry-led collaborations between industry, researchers and the community with the aim of fostering high quality research to solve industry-identified problems.