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TALi Digital is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the ticker code of TD1. TALi Digital’s home exchange is Melbourne, Australia. Investors seeking to buy shares in TALi Digital should contact a licensed stockbroker.

TALi Digital’s share registry contact details are as follows:

Atomic Registry Services

Suite 310, Level 3, 50 Holt Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010.

Please address all correspondence to: PO Box 2226, Strawberry Oil, NSW, 2012

Telephone 1300 288 664 (within Australia) +61 2 9698 5414 (outside Australia)

email:     website:


CHESS holders of TALi Digital shares should notify their sponsoring broker in writing of their new address details. Issuer sponsored holders should notify our registry, Atomic Registry Services, in writing at the address above, giving their full name, Security Reference Number and address details.

Contact your stockbroker for advice on how to consolidate multiple holdings in TALi Digital. If the names and addresses on more than one shareholding are the same and the holdings are issuer sponsored, the share registry can combine these holdings.
TALi Digital Limited is listed on the ASX under the ticker code of TD1. Refer to the ASX website ( for further information on TALi Digital shares.

TALi Digital’s auditors are as follows:

Grant Thornton

Collins Square, Tower 5

727 Collins Street

Melbourne VIC 3008

GPO Box 4736

Melbourne VIC 3001

PH: +61 3 8320 2222


TALi Digital does not currently pay dividends. All of the Company’s funds are fully invested in commercialising its product range, for benefit of long-term growth in shareholder value.
TALi Digital does not currently have a DRP. Directors reserve the right to review the dividend policy as appropriate.

TALi Digital has a 30 June balance date. The company reports in February each year its half-year financial results for the six months to the end of December, while the full-year results are announced every August in accordance with ASIC and ASX requirements.

The company also issues quarterly financial reports (Appendix 4c) in January, April, July and October. Final audited accounts are announced in September.

TALi Digital’s Annual Report is usually issued in October each year, prior to the Company’s Annual General Meeting in November.

Investors seeking more information on TALi Digital should refer to the company’s ASX announcements. These announcements are also available via the ASX website (

Investors with additional queries can email

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