Our People

Our board, leadership and more!

Meet our fearless Board

Our Board Chapter is made up of four incredibly experienced individuals who come together and lead the way in ensuring not only TALi meets its objectives set out through strategy, but also that we meet the obligations set by you the shareholder.

As a company, TALi is exceptionally lucky to have owned the support of its shareholders over many years. And we still strive to ensure we maintain this strength through our leaders at the top.

Mr Mark Simari | Executive Chair

Mark is an experienced and accomplished professional in the health care industry and has over 15 years Board experience in a diverse range of organisations. Mark is current Chairman of Careteq Limited (ASX:CTQ) which listed on the ASX this past January and was the former Managing Director and co-founder of Paragon Care (between 2008 and 2018) and recently Non-Executive Director between 2019 -2022.
Joined TALi’s Board | 2022

Mr Stephen Munday | Non-Executive Director

Stephen is an experienced financial and commercial professional and has over 25 years’ experience on or working directly with Boards in a diverse range of organisations. In addition Stephen has over 30 years business experience in Australia and North America including chief financial officer and company secretary positions in several listed companies over that time. His experience includes a wide range of responsibilities in a variety of management functions including marketing, business development, supply management, commercial management, financial management and change management.
Joined TALi’s Board | 2022

Dr David Brooks | Non-Executive Director

Dr Brooks has extensive experience in the health and biotechnology industries, as a rural clinician and as a consultant in the biotechnology sector since the late 1990’s. David has since held a board position in a number of ASX listed companies, including as chair of RHS Ltd which was acquired by Perkin Elmer in 2018.

Joined TALi’s Board | 2020

Mr David Williams | Non-Executive Director

David brings extensive international and domestic healthcare sector experience including 25 years with Cochlear Limited. David held a number of senior commercial and financial roles with the medical devices leader including president of Cochlear Americas (acting) and VP of global customer experience.
Joined TALi’s Board | 2021

We take our governance seriously

TALi board members are committed to implementing and maintaining the highest standards of good corporate governance and best practice with the initial objective of working towards compliance and the recommendations published by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX Guidelines).

The TALi board is responsible for, and has the authority to determine all matters relating to the strategic direction, policies and practices for the management and operations of the company.

TALi has developed guidelines which provide a basic explanation of insider trading and our policy to prevent it. TALi’s policy for directors and all team members in respect of the purchase and sale of company securities prohibits trading while they are in possession of price sensitive information.

We welcome comments from shareholders in relation to the Corporate Governance Program.

Let's talk more about our people values

Work hard. Play hard

Let's be honest, this one doesn't need much explaining. The work hard is self-explanatory, we know everyone will pull their weight. The play hard is the fun part. Making sure we make time to laugh and enjoy our time spent with one and other.

Your success is our success

Collaboration is key to success, which is why every team member is here to help each other at all times. If you need something, say something - work related or otherwise. After all, there is no 'I' in team. We believe that any and all achievements should be celebrated.

It's okay to fail. As long as you try again.

Failing and making mistakes is how we learn. There are no right or wrong answers. There are no silly questions. There are no ridiculous ideas. Think it. Do it. Try again. There is always a next time.

We look at every problem as an opportunity.

When one door closes another door opens right? That's not always the case. You know it, and we know it. However, we will not take no for an answer unless we have looked at all possibilities. The area we work in is vast and innovative, which means when problems arise there are solutions. The opportunities are endless and we encourage a culture that promotes this idea.

Performance-based Incentive Framework.

We want our team to share in the value we are creating. This is, OUR company after all. That's why we offer a comprehensive performance incentive framework.

Transparency with a capital T.

Why the capital T you ask? Because transparency is that important at TALi. We want to be as informed as possible and actually know what is going on within the organisation and our industry markets.

These are just some of the examples of how we support the growth of our team.

Flexible working Conditions

At TALi, we aim to continuously promote a positive work-life balance for our team. We support our teams productivity and that means working the way you want to with a balanced work schedule.

Training & Development

TALi recognises the importance of training and developing with an understanding that each TALi is the key to the success of the company. That's why we always want to encourage you to be the best you can by providing support with training and development.

Birthday Leave

Who doesn't remember being a teenager at their part-time job asking for your birthday off every year? Maybe you did it or maybe you didn't. It doesn't really matter, because at TALi every team member has the opportunity to celebrate their birthday how they want to.


We believe it is incredibly important to give back to our community. That's why at TALi we support and encourage our team to contribute in anyway they can, be it blood donations, or charity volunteering. Our technology was build to support populations, our team culture is built to support them.