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Attention difficulties compromise a child’s education, social skills, relationships, mental health, and employment opportunities. The impact on families’ physical and emotional well-being is immeasurable.

Childhood attention deficits remain a significant and growing concern within Australia and worldwide. Without treatment, they can have devastating and long-term impacts on the developing brain.

Children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder are at heightened risk of experiencing attention deficits and their associated negative impacts.

Currently, treatment options are sparse, with the most common being psychostimulant medication. These drug based interventions often focus on improving symptoms rather than treating underlying causes of attention problems. Current non-pharmaceutical interventions often require multiple clinical appointments across many locations which are expensive and time consuming, meaning that many children miss out on life-changing therapies.


TALi TRAIN is a ground-breaking game-based training program for young children that represents the culmination of over 25 years of research in developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

The program has been proven, through scientifically validated clinical trials, to improve attention by strengthening underlying attentional processes. Critically, improvements were retained after treatment had stopped, suggesting that benefits are long term, conferring a lifelong advantage.

TALi TRAIN strengthens a child’s ability to:

– maintain focus on a task
– improve learning at school
– concentrate while learning something new
– avoid distractions
– prevent impulsive behaviour
– avoid fidgeting and
– switch between tasks


Detailed Analysis & Progress Reports

TALi provides instant access to the child’s progress via the programs built-in analytics. TALi Portal allows healthcare professionals, educators and parents to assess a child’s daily performance on each of the exercises, enabling them to identify areas of attentional strengths and weaknesses and tailor the program to that child’s needs.


The TALi platform screens, assesses and trains core cognitive skills in the attention domain, including selective attention, focus, attentional control and inhibition. TALi Detect consists of seven tests to profile cognitive attention capabilities of a child. Each exercise of TALi Train consists of hundreds of levels; each one automatically adapts to developing skill level of the child. This ensures that children are working at the right level that challenges them without extending beyond their abilities.

Attention: A global issue

In Australia, around 400,000 children (10%) are presently identified as having severe attention difficulties. Globally the figure is around 136 million 


TALi TRAIN is a cognitive training program designed and evaluated by a team of top neuroscientists and developmental psychologists. TALi TRAIN is proven to improve children’s selection abilities (the ability to select relevant information whilst ignoring irrelevant information) as well as numeracy skills. These findings have been published in several highly regarded international journals. The quality of this research is unique to TALi TRAIN and is unparalleled by other training programs.
Read more about our TALi research here.

The proven benefits of TALI Train are:

1. Promotes improvements in children’s selective attention

2. These improvements in selective attention are sustained – even 3 months after training has stopped

3. Promotes improvements in untrained academic skills such as numeracy

Validated by Gold Standard clinical trials, TALi Train is proven to improve selective attention, as well as numeracy skills.


You can find more comprehensive information on TALi TRAIN from the TALi Health website.


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